• SEO/SMM/PPC Training

    SEO / SMM / PPC Training

  • Live Project Training

    Live Project PHP/MySql Training

  • Industrial Training

    6 months/weeks Industrial Training


  • Introduction to Server-Client Architecture
  • General concepts of Web
  • Scripting Languages- HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, XHTML, Ajax
  • Introduction
  • Types of Databases - DBMS, RDBMS
  • Types of Queries & Subqueries
  • Functions & Inbuilt functions
  • Joins, Constraints
  • Case Study
  • Introduction
  • Programming Constructs, Functions, Arrays, Strings
  • OOPS, Classes, Objects, concepts of OOPS and their implementation
  • Abstract, Final, Interfaces, Exception Handling
  • File Handling, Session Handling, Email Protocols
  • D/B Programming, Steps of DB Handling In PHP (mysql and mysqli classes)
  • SQL injection, prepared statements
  • Web Development, HTTP Redirection, File Uploading
  • Web Services
  • User Maintenance
  • Core Php
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Project using CMS

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PHP/MySQL, WordPress, SEO/SMM/PPC Industrial Training

Basically, PHP stands for Personal Home Page. However, it currently stands for the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is not only used as a general-purpose programming language but also it is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development

In the present time, PHP is one of the most used and preferred programming and scripting language all around the globe. Mostly, it is used for the creation of dynamic websites. Nowadays, the demand for both PHP programmers, as well as developers, are increasing day by day

On the flip side, websites are gaining space on the internet rapidly, and the field of internet marketing is growing and expanding at the faster rate. Thus it is very obvious that more and more IT companies are hiring PHP developers with some knowledge and experience

A website is considered as complete after the consolidation of three layers of its structure i.e. Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer and Database Layer. All the three modules are shrouded in the course, all the modules are important without any one of these you can't become a proficient web developer

RealPath Training imparts six months / weeks of industrial training to trainees by enough technical exposure that they become confident of cracking any interview. The course layout of Six Months Industrial Training program in PHP is likewise composed in order to upgrade the basic technical skills required for web advancement. Due to time restriction, in the time span of 6 months, RealPath Training identify those fundamental areas which need to be concentrated for the proper development of programming basics

With PHP Industrial Training, a candidate can apply for different profiles i.e Web Developer, Web Designer and CMS Expert. RealPath Training design the course in such a way that the candidate finds it too easy to pick from all the three